Ride, Ride The Right Horse – The Charles Shaughnessy Virtual Ride To Support The RFL Children Action’s Corp, Hosted by Langdon Bosarge

Charlies Rodman Ride 2

Join Langdon and the beautiful Crysta Garner as they host a special live broadcast from the studios of TradioV in Hollywood, CA, with Charles Shaughnessy doing a virtual ride in support of the Robert F Kennnedy Children’s Action Corp.  It’s going to be a super fun live show with celebrity guests and Charles literally riding along with the supporters in Boston.  Please share this post with your friends and watch us live as we cheer (and maybe jeer!) Charles; it’s going to be super fun, and it’s for a super great cause.  Saturday, September 26th at 8am PST, exclusively on TradioV.com.

Check Out Charles’ Rodman Ride Page!




Summer Break and NPR Pledge Drive

Langdon Nation Is On  Summer Break - But Will Produce 2 Special Shows/Month

Langdon Nation Is On Summer Break – But Will Produce 2 Special Shows/Month

The big news is true, Langdon and the Crew are taking a well-needed summer break – the first real one in almost six years; they are officially on hiatus from live broadcasts at both KCAA AM 1050 and TradioV.  Have no fear, though; the gang is still getting together and will be taping special episodes of the show from Champagne Studios.  Instead of two shows per week, they’re slated to record two shows per month for the rest of summer.  We have some fun lined up, so we hope you’ll tune in and enjoy.  We also need your help – and hope you’ll rise to the occasion (no sexual innuendo there).  The show needs to produce a big bump in its numbers and social media presence, or it may not be able to continue broadcasting; and we need YOU in order to do that.

Can you, will you, help us with our NPR Pledge Drive?   (That’s our Naughty Podcast & Radio Pledge Drive.)  Can you Tweet, Post, Like and Favorite our official pages and posts?  Can you send people to our YouTube Channel?  Can you come out of the comedy closet and tell your friends about the show?  No money, no hassle; just a click and a smile.  We’d all appreciate it more than we could say.  Thanks, Nation.

Here’s Our YouTube Channel With The Easy Link Of: YouTube.com/c/LangdonNation

Here’s Our Official Facebook Page With The Easy Link Of: Facebook.com/LangdonNation

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thank-youWe’re also on Instagram.  And, of course, the show’s available as mp3 on both iTunes and Stitcher, where you can subscribe or, if you’ve really been enjoying the show, you can leave a review.

Again, many, many thanks from Langdon and the entire Crew.

See you in the next episode!





The Ladies of Langdon Nation on The Sheena Metal Experience Tonight!

Sheena Metal LONG promo

Two of the four amazing women of Langdon Nation are joining Langdon tonight for a great time on one of LA’s best talk shows, The Sheena Metal Experience on LATalkRadio.  Sheena’s been around the block and she knows music and the entertainment industry like no other.  A radio veteran from back in the day at the historic 97.1 (before it flipped to dance), she can rock it – and we can’t wait!  Tonight at 5pm PST on LAtalkRAdio.com!

Click Here To Listen at 5pm – or anytime!



Langdon Nation Takes To The Airwaves – Literally

KCAA - Purple Promo

Langdon Nation “After Dark” is back, and on terrestrial radio right here is Southern California.  We began our new show last Friday night and, judging from the initial feedback, we made some new friends.  Fridays at midnight (PST) Langdon, Mike, Tony and the new harem of lovely ladies are on KCAA AM 1050.  The show will re-broadcast every Saturday at midnight and, for those listeners not in SoCal, can be heard live around the world at kcaaRadio.com.  Plus, every episode will always go into the feed at iTunes, Stitcher, the website and, very soon, SoundCloud.  BIG thanks to KCAA and to all the listeners who’ve been with us for five fun years.  Buckle up, because it’s going to be a wild ride!


What Would We Do Without The Gays?

At long last, our sketch with the charming gentleman of The Nanny, Days Of Our Lives and Here’s A Thought, Charles Shaughnessy is here!  It’s a nod to the show and a wink at things “the gays” do for us.  Special thanks to Charlie, and to Nerris Nassiri who directed for us.  Enjoy, Nation.