LN #180 – Gobble This!


The iPhone’s Siri plays a guest-starring role in today’s Thanksgiving special with some hysterical results; and on the menu for the in-studio holiday celebration is a hip-hopping Scientologist, a very scary “doctor,” and the premiere of a new Raging Peanuts song featuring the lyrical talents of rapper Killah Ronh; it gets really hot when Langdon confronts Corey about his guitar pic that was gifted by The Go-Go’s Jane Weidlin – apparently Corey and Nichole have taken it hostage, forcing a dramatic stand-off in the studio; there’s also midget porn, a Michael Rutt like you’ve never seen (he’s really on fire!) and, on the serious side, what we’re all really grateful for – YOU!  Happy Thanksgiving, Nation!  Eat, drink, be merry (and safe)!


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