LN #200 – Ladies of the Might


Amazing Ladies Traci Stumpf and Julie Lofrano with Langdon

The beauties of “And Seen,” comics Julie Lofrano and Traci Stumpf, bring their unique brand of funny (and pretty) to the studios today; they’re supposed to talk about the upcoming Oscars, and wind up talking about Rusell Brand, vision boards and mixing Viagra with ecstasy; the best and worst movies of 2011 are also on the menu, and made very tasty as only Julie and Traci can; these are honestly the funniest movie reviews you will every hear; the Gang eventually gives its Oscar predictions and, in a surprise move, Langdon actually reports on sports (who’d a thunk it!); plus, recent events mandate changing “Booze and News” today to “Boobs and News” – find out why!


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