LN #239 – So Wrong, It’s Right


Langdon and the Crew are especially cheeky today, and the jabs are flying; they’ve never been meaner to each other (or funnier) and it’s all for your voyeuristic listening pleasure; joining the battle today, with guitars and tons of testosterone, are 3 members of one of L.A.’s best unsigned rock bands, Cynder; Sound Garden, Pearl Jam and Incubus had better make way for these dudes, because they’re truly great; they will be your favorite rock band after today, and maybe even your best friends, too, as they charm you and make you laugh your a** off!

Scott, Jerry and Clark from Cynder  

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  1. Clark Braniff is my uncle. He is one of the greatest guitarists i have EVER heard! He is truly great as well as the rest of the band. At one of their beach side concerts i actually did a rap for everyone but anyways this band is the BEST! The guys are all super funny and full of great energy! Love you Uncle!!!!!!!!

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