LN #262 – Triple Crown

Bad Boy Sheldon Anderson, who fronted “Langdon Nation Army”

Langdon and the Crew are still recovering from the amazing 3rd Anniversary Party, but they pull it together enough to hop into the studio and tell the listeners all about the incredible night; it began with torrential rain, was filled love and listeners, and topped with amazing music from our favorite (and LA’s top) bands; it was a serious rock concert with Killah Ronh, the Raging Peanuts, Byron Blocker and the Offbeats, Cynder and Cromwell; and, a surprise performance by rapper Supreme and the wild, wacky premiere of the new “super group” Langdon Nation Army with Langdon, Cory, Mike and Sheldon; Sam  Phillips, Crysta Garner and the Oddcast all partied and podcasted live, plus Double D returned to the fold; so many new people, so many old friends, a dog-shaped Cake and some very drunk buds; the Crew couldn’t be happier and we want to thank everyone who came, who donated, who sent good wishes, and who helped us create the party palace that crazy, wonderful night; pictures and video will be coming soon – and T-shirts are for sale now!


Cromwell Tearing It Up at the Party


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Cynder Raising the Roof!


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