LN #283 – Live From TradioV 1

"Live From TradioV...Yaaaaaaay!"

“Live From TradioV…Yaaaaaaay!”

This is the incredible audio of the premiere broadcast of Langdon Nation Live! from TradioV in Los Angeles; six cameras, 5 hosts and our very special guest, radio legend Brian Whitman, make this inaugural episode an incredible party; if you haven’t tuned in live to see the show (which airs every Saturday from 1-3pm PST on TradioV.com/LA), you can hear all the antics in this special podcast – though you’ll really wish you had seen it, especially because of Nic’s naughty dance imitating Beyonce); the good, the bad and the ugly of partying is the topic today, with hilarious tales from the Crew, confessions from Brian, and callers that tell embarrassing stories about Langdon as a teenager; they out him in more hilarious ways than one; Brian, of course, does some amazing impressions and talks about his new talk radio gig, complete with new stories that even his biggest fans haven’t heard yet; all this, plus a lot of calls from our favorite listeners – it’s a show that you honestly cannot miss!

Brian Whitman Returns!

Brian Whitman Returns!


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