LN #294 – Live From TradioV Eight

Our (Amazing) Boss - Mike Zinna

Our (Amazing) Boss – Mike Zinna

Dangerous Dicks are on the show today, as Langdon welcomes the owner of TradioV, Mike Zinna, into the studio; he’s surprisingly charming and tells of his accidental beginnings in radio and his past as an investigative journalist; our national program director and morning show wild man, Elvis Medina, joins the party and he’s honestly the gayest straight man we’ve ever met (and damned funny); find out how they almost fired Langdon, yes terminated, hasta la vista, baby!…also in the mix is Langdon’s crazy take on sports including the awful injury that Kevin Ware took to his leg recently, crazy voice overs, the new Rolling Stones tour, Geraldo Rivera’s moustache and some wacky phone calls from our fabulous listeners!…remember, we’re live every Friday night at TheJointStudios.com at 8pm PST and every Saturday on TradioV.com/LA at 1pm PST; tune in live and call in to talk with the Crew; plus, inside information, more funnies and behind the scenes pics are always up on the website and in the Listener Room on Facebook!

The Man Of A Thousand Voices, Elvis Medina

The Man Of A Thousand Voices, Elvis Medina


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