LN #298 – After Dark Four

The Very Lovely Naomi Robin Makes Langdon's Week

The Very Lovely Naomi Robin Makes Langdon’s Week

It’s the end of an incredible news week, and the Crew celebrates the survivors of the Ohio kidnapping and discuss Charles Ramsey, the African American man who dropped his McDonald’s and allegedly helped rescue the women; but new information leads Langdon to ask, is he a hero, or something darker?…and, to help bring in the light, we have a very special musical guest, the young and lovely guitarist, song writer and singer Naomi Robin; she chats and she charms the pants off Langdon (almost literally) and she sings for us in a sweet, sweet live performance; there’s also Dub Step phone calls, the naughtiest poem we’ve ever heard, Mexian Beer and Liberty’s new relationship with Papa Smurf; and, of course, there is the Amazing Langdon Nation Drinking Game!  Remember, behind the scenes pics and more information are always at the website and on the official Facebook Fan Page and Listener Room!


Naomi Robin Will Melt Your Heart

Naomi Robin Will Melt Your Heart


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