LN #299 – After Dark Five

Incredible Blues Guitarist South Side Slim

Incredible Blues Guitarist South Side Slim

Black maverick Pip Lilly joins the Crew tonight to steer the ship with Langdon and the lovely Liberty; the special musical guests are drummer Mike Morgan and L.A.’s award-winning blues guitarist South Side Slim; they’re not only handsome but hilarious, and they give some surprising commentary tonight; South Side Slim also jams live and the group is ambushed by a phone call from “Keith Richards;” the crazy conversation goes from big bottoms to weed wacking to adults getting stuck in high chairs; there’s also news of the new film documentary about Slim (Sweetback Blues, by Kari Fretham), underground juke joints in L.A., and language lessons in “Balldini;” South Side Slim even has some free downloads for you – info is in the show!  And, remember, we’re always live every Saturday at TradioV.com/LA and you can see behind the scenes pictures at the website and in the Facebook Listener Room and the Fan Page!

Pip Lilly

Pip Lilly


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Special Guest Caller, "Keith Richards"

Special Guest Caller, “Keith Richards”

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