LN #301 – Live From TradioV Twelve

Saying Goodbye Isn't Easy

Saying Goodbye Isn’t Easy

It’s a sad day for the Langdon and the Crew, as it’s Nic’s (aka Double D and Docta Slick’s) last show; she’s moving to New York to be with her man and produce a Broadway play, so we’re sending her off with drink, laughs and an touching slide show; it’s actually a huge celebration of her greatness, and three awesome years on the show, complete with musical guest Jonathan Zadok (and his hit single, “Bring Your Bong Along”) and listeners raiding the studio; this is truly a CAN’T MISS show, and even other radio stations are celebrating, as Vicky Ryder from CodeBass Radio in New Jersey joins in the party; there’s also your calls, shout outs to the now defunct Langdon Nation After Dark, Kentucky Derby ridiculousness, and Cinco de Mayo Madness; remember, more pics and info is always at the website and in the Listener Room on Facebook!…And, you can be a part of the new book by media whore Dave Lerman, by sending us your crazy questions about celebrities – ask, you shall receive answers, and you just might end up being published right along with us!  Also, we will re-upload the special goodbye video to Nic in the Listener Room and the Fan Page on Facebook!

Nic And Crew- last  

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Jonathan Zadok

Though We Felt Jumping OFF the Roof at TradioV, We Celebrated The Amazing J. Nicole Brooks

Though We Felt Like Jumping OFF the Roof at TradioV, We Celebrated The Amazing J. Nicole Brooks

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