LN # 303 – Live From TradioV Thirteen

Some of Our Favorite TV Moms

Some of Our Favorite TV Moms

Absolutely nothing is off topic in this wild tribute to Mothers today, including hilarious stories from the Crew’s childhoods, teen Mom (and now porn star) Farrah Abraham, and everyone’s favorite TV Moms; there’s also emotional discussion about the rescue of three Ohio women who had been kidnapped for over a decade, including a debate who was the real hero; there’s also a huge G Spot today, including a racist county’s historic first ever integrated high school prom and the big, big news about professional basketball player Jason Collins coming out as gay; the group looks at other gay athletes, plus, fun stuff like what’s really in Michael’s internet history, Mime on the radio, and the newest designer drug – Pip Lilly!  Remember, we’re live every Saturday on TradioV-LA and there are always mps and new podcasts in the feed and pics and info on the website and in the FB Listener Room and Fan Page!

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Just a Few of The Amazing Out & Proud Athletes

Just a Few of The Amazing Out & Proud Athletes

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