LN #304 – Firecracker Fiasco

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Langdon extends the Fourth of July fireworks to a fantastic fan picnic and party on the 6th, complete with drinks (of course!), volleyball, a cultured game of croquet on the lawn, and a long-awaited live show from Champagne Studios; it’s hilarious talk in this high-energy episode, that includes electrocution and live beer tasting and culminates in a live proposal on the air; that’s right, we faked a wedding a little while back, but two of our amazing listener friends are about to get hitched; it’s a beautiful moment that you can’t miss; jazz drummer Mike Morgan joins in the melee that includes making fun of the Brits, what your electronic devices may or may not be doing when you think they’re off, and some serious discussion including America’s ideals and issues and what demons you’d like to be free from this Independence Day; don’t forget, there’s always more pictures and info on the website and in the Listener Room on Facebook; plus, you can see videos on our new YouTube Channel!

Michael Rutt With The Bad-Ass Black Beer

Michael Rutt With The Bad-Ass Black Beer


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