LN #311 – Live From TradioV Twenty

"Busta Rutt" Runs The Show!

“Busta Rutt” Runs The Show!

It’s an anniversary episode of the show and Langdon’s not even here!…is it technically mutiny or rescue when Michael Rutt takes the helm?…You decide as Busta Rutt is joined by Pip, Tony and the very lovely Annie Wood (and her boobies) to talk about killing rabbits, croquet and re-cap Langdon’s 6th of July Extravaganza Party; Annie also takes some very cool calls, offering some of her homemade & heartfelt advice to questioning callers; also, Pip has issues, the Crew “eulogizes” Langdon, in the most hilarious speeches you will ever hear, complete with herpes, war references and sexual harassment; and…Langdon Skypes in with none other than Pop!…and, if you’re WATCH the show, you can finally see him; it’s a ridiculously silly (and sweet) time, and this is really a fabulous episode that you can’t miss; remember pics are more info are on the website and always in the Listener Room on FB!

The Very Lovely Annie Wood

The Very Lovely Annie Wood


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Rutt Hosting Crew Shot

Tony Santiago and Pip Lilly On The Mic

Tony Santiago and Pip Lilly On The Mic

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