LN #316 – Forbidden Love


Langdon returns from his friends’ Indian wedding with crazy stories of Bollywood dancing, drinking on the side of a mountain, and somehow the Crew talks about group sex; our favorite Brit (other than Michael Rutt) returns, too, as Pippa Hinchley brings in her very talented friend, Michael Sonntag of Studio C Artists who tantalizes us with amazing stories of famed jazz photographer Herman Leonard, gay marine Jeff Key, and getting married in a castle; they also discuss their new series of short plays, In The Dining Room, which sounds fabulous, and actually manage to astonish Langdon speechless; in the second hour, the crazy cast of the underground hit podcast Awkward Conversations storms into the studio to gripe about internet spoilers, bisexuals and nerdy crushes; there’s also Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and “Bronies,” plus, an incredible going to prison story!  Pictures, links to watch the show and more are all on the website and the FB pages!

Pippa Hinchley and Michael Sonntag

Pippa Hinchley and Michael Sonntag


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