LN #317 – Callers and Ballers

phone-call-630x400A special podcast from Champagne Studios brings Langdon and the Crew two crazy, and yet, familiar guests: former cast member – and beloved Ginger – Cory Pearman gives a telephonic update on his comings and goings (and almost drownings in the recent Colorado floods) and Tony gives us a late night blow by blow of his vacation back in New Jersey; there are, of course, technical difficulties, dirty stories, and lots of laughs; there’s also some deep dish discussion about the news and new media and keeping informed as an important way to make the world better (in addition to making dirty jokes, of course!); pictures, information and links are always on the website and in the Facebook Listener Room, so log on and stay in touch with Langdon and the Crew there, and now Twitter and Instagram, too!

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