LN #320 – Heavy Metals

6_Siberia_2Live from TradioV again, with Sam Dobbins and Tommy Mountain, two maverick actors from NBC’s summer hit, the thriller Siberia; mysteries, drama and conspiracies abound as they discuss the dramatic show in which reality contestants find themselves abandoned in the Siberian territory Tunguska; they give away some secrets and tell about the creative way in which the popular series was written and shot; Langdon also has a gift for the men of The Nation, as he brings both Naomi and Office Wife Katie together – and their boobies; the gang is joined by a surprise phone call from “Christopher Walken,” and they make fun of Langdon as he tells stories from his vacation, including paddle boarding and illegal drinking on the beach; there’s also some serious discussion of internet flaming, trolling and general snarkiness and how to cope; somehow the gang also joins the Miley Cyrus debate; there’s Twerking, what’s in Katie’s bedroom and urban legends; links and behind the scenes pictures are on the website; plus, you can watch this episode, there, too!

Actors Sam Dobbins and Tommy Mountain, from NBC's "Siberia"

Actors Sam Dobbins and Tommy Mountain, from NBC’s “Siberia”


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Naomi Tony Katie 9-7-13

Langdon Gets Excited About The Boobs!

Langdon Gets Excited About The Boobs!


Langdon On Vacation

Langdon On Vacation

Sam Dobbins On The Set of "Siberia"

Sam Dobbins On The Set of “Siberia”

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