LN #321 – It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here

WHAT is Langdon doing?!?

WHAT is Langdon doing?!?

Summer Madness continues with another live show from TradioV and special guest Krissy Chula, the comedy sensation behind the “It’s Hot As Hell” video that went super-viral on YouTube; (think, “Jesus, Be a Raindrop” and you’ll remember, and laugh all over again); she talks about what it’s like to be suddenly thrust into the internet spotlight and what’s really behind her hilarious comedy videos; she charmed us, and she’ll charm you, especially when the gang asks her to help solve “listener’s” personal problems; Asian sensation Erin Kim pops into the studio, too, to croon and woo the girls with his golden voice; we feature a live performance by Killah Ronh and the Drodians and also a heated debate about Molly, recreational drug use, and Robin Thicke; Tony and Katie share sex secrets and Langdon proves that he really does need a four-second time delay on the show; all this goodness, plus links to see the videos, including this show, and many, many behind the scenes pics are all at the website – Enjoy!

Adorable and Hilarious, Krissy Chula (Krissyblu)

Adorable and Hilarious, Krissy Chula (Krissyblu)


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What is Katie doing to singer Erin Kim?!?

What is Katie doing to singer Erin Kim?!?

Pip And Tony 9-14-13Katie 9-14-13

Erin Live 9-14-13

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