LN #322 – Baptized by Fun!

Mike, Pip and Naomi Having a Blast Today!

Mike, Pip and Naomi Having a Blast Today!

We’re live from TradioV today and heavy with incredible guests including the hot hosts of the rock and roll TV show Baptized By Fire; it’s all about the music, and some surprising categories and artists; Asra Kristen and Ray Blanco shred stereotypes and shed light on their passions; there’s stories of performing with Incubus, The Deftones and vacationing in Costa Rica; we’ve got a special appearance by Cookie Monster and the return of Huntington Beach’s best rock band, Cynder, who perform live and unplugged in the studio; they’re a great group of guys, and they will rock your world; there’s also How To Tell If You’re a Neanderthal, behind the scenes at the season finale of NBC’s Siberia, and getting extremely close to Naomi…links to the shows (including how to watch this episode!), behind the scenes pics and more are all at the website!

Baptized By Fire's Ray Blanco and DJ Asra

Baptized By Fire’s Ray Blanco and DJ Asra


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Cynder performs live!

Cynder performs live!


The Men of Cynder

The Men of Cynder

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