LN #328 – What Happens In Vegas

las-vegas-weddingThis is the first of two very special remote shows just for you podcast people, recorded live in historic downtown Las Vegas, where all things are possible – like hookers, heroin and – oh, yeah – weddings; Langdon and Tony are in the conductor’s car of this crazy train, where many of their friends and Langdon Nation listeners have convened for the marriage of long-time Langdonistas Amber and Rogelio; Doctor Who, a Golden Nugget and a Rabbi walk into a bar…yes, that’s kind of how this show goes when everyone starts drinking in the parlor of a grand old suite and has a microphone (and some other things) thrust into their face; it’s a wild ride, but also a celebration of love and friendships that somehow includes Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg and fried twinkies; we had so much fun, we forgot to take any pictures: (but – because we’ve heard there’s evidence – we’ll have some extraordinary pics for you in the second show’s post); enjoy the party, you guys!


Langdon And Tony Headed to The Show

Langdon And Tony Headed to The Show


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