LN #332 – Out of Order

Bill Clinton This hilarious show almost became our second “lost episode,” but thanks to some great engineering and social lubricant, it’s here; it’s a “Just Us” episode, with no guests, just all of the Crew catching up; it’s from July, and marks Naomi’s sexy return from Israel (and she has some naughty gifts) and also Tony’s birthday, complete with a Fruity Pebble cake; there’s a lot of teasing and laughter, especially when Langdon harasses Michael Rutt for his antics while subbing for him on the show recently; “Bill Clinton” calls us (and sexually harasses Naomi), Dan gets teased for being a Nerd and a new segment is born with some amazing news items from Geek-Land, and the gang takes on Scientology (sort of); pics, links and more are all at the website; enjoy, Nation!


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