LN #335 – Ride The Right Horse!

Stallions De AmorSomeone else is sitting in Langdon’s chair…is it mutiny?…no, it’s the incredible, edible Pip Lilly – hosting while Langdon and the Crew are in Vegas for some live shows (and a very special wedding); the lovely Naomi is there to comfort him (not that he needs it all – cuz he’s great) and they are joined in some hilarious antics – and very deep conversation – by comic Ron Swallow; there’s plenty of fun, sexual innuendo and a great debate about slurs, the N-Word and the recent Matt Barnes Twitter debacle; when are YOU offended?…what’s acceptable and not acceptable in the realm of speech?…riding in like saviours on horses, are the talents behind the hit comedy Telenovela, Stallions de Amor; there’s also the new Pharrell Williams new song “Happy” and it’s 24 hour video…yes, a video that is 24 hours long, and it’s amazing!  Behind the scenes pictures and links to The Stallions and more are all on the website!

The Amazing Pip Lilly, Hosting Today!

The Amazing Pip Lilly, Hosting Today!


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