LN #339 – Misbehavin’ In 2013


Buckle your seat belts for this high-octane ride through all the major players and events of The Year of Our Lord 2013; this special live episode from TradioV is unlike any other year in review show on the other networks, trust us; it starts with Naomi’s 21st birthday and her first (legal) drink at the station and includes special appearances by the very lovely star of Jeneration TV, Jennifer Tapiero, and the stud of Man School, Caleb Bacon; Langdon’s theme of the year is bad behavior and as supportive evidence starts with a hilarious photo retrospective of Rob Ford; the crazy train includes the sexual antics of San Diego’s Bob Fillner and Anthyony Weiner, crack and Lamar Odom, and wouldn’t be at all accurate if it didn’t include Miley’s tongue; George Zimmerman, a serial killer, and Edward Snowden stow away on board, and there is some serious discussion about guns and violence that seemed to prevail in the year; all are somehow saved by Time Magazine’s Man of The Year…find out who it is, plus meet the very charming actor, teacher and magician Bill Chott (who disappears all to fast); all this, plus see if Langdon will get sued for sexual harassment this year – or next!…behind the scenes pics, links and more are all at the website; Happy New Year and keep laughing, Nation!

Naomi's First Christmas, At Champagne Studios With Langdon

Naomi’s First Christmas, At Champagne Studios With Langdon


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The Beautiful Jennifer Tapiero

The Beautiful Jennifer Tapiero


Disney Channel's Bill Chott

Disney Channel’s Bill Chott

The Studio Was Rocking

The Studio Was Rocking

Man School's Caleb Bacon With Naomi

Man School’s Caleb Bacon With Naomi

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