LN #343 – After The Show One

AfterShow1Everyone is so excited to be together that they  just can’t leave the studio, and they decide to record an impromptu show just for the podcast listeners; Tony and Langdon are joined by the lovely ladies from the TradioV control room, Kim and Jackie Hollywood; the on-air conversation (and laughs) continue, as they explore the double standards that some women feel apply to them, the differences (if any) between whore and slut, and if the other C-word is cool to say; the wonderful women of Artful Undress, Kira and Polina, join them briefly to play, and there are all sorts of  of crazy stories of what happens behind the scenes at TradioV, flirting and fighting, and more; Super Bowl excitement turns into some very deep discussion about manhood and masculinity, and Tony really opens up about his past; the men look at the recent posting of the police video that captured a toddler being assaulted by an onslaught of taunts and epithets, and openly wrestle with demons and possible solutions; it’s intimate, infuriating and insightfully funny; details about the upcoming Listener Party at El Cid in Los Angels, featuring the best burlesque show in town – Sultry Sweet Burlesque – plus, pics and links are all at the website; enjoy!

Our First Listener Party of 2014!

Our First Listener Party of 2014!


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