LN #344 – Super Magical Beatle Battle

WHAT is Langdon Doing to Beautiful Publicist, Jackie Heasley?!?

WHAT is Langdon Doing to Beautiful Publicist, Jackie Heasley?!?

It’s a buffet of madness and mayhem today (and you won’t believe where Langdon eats his sandwich – thank you, lovely Jackie Heasley); they start by celebrating the Chinese New Year in the most racist way possible and move right into food poisoning and the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles’ American Invasion. celebrating with some of their best songs; Disney’s most famous star (who’s past puberty, that is) is also a magician, esteemed improv teacher and voice over actor, and he joins the party today – it’s Bill Chott, to talk about getting fired from Curious George, Matt Damon’s new religion, magic and more; Bill is honestly an all around good guy and he helps us take a hilarious look at some celebrities’ bad behavior this week, including Justin Bieber (again…), Rob Ford (again…) and Prince, who has oddly chosen to sue his fans; details (and discount tickets!) for the upcoming Listener Party on February 23rd with the gorgeous girls of Sultry Sweet Burlesque, links and some of the best behind the scenes pics are all on the website – enjoy!

Bill And Samantha Cott Join The Party

Bill And Samantha Cott Join The Party


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This Really Isn't What It Looks Like

This Really Isn’t What It Looks Like


Samantha and Bill Chott

Samantha and Bill Chott

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