LN #345 – After The Show Two

gene_simmons Gene Simmons of KISS is at the studio today and the Crew has some tales (and tails) to tell; they sneak into the conference room, set up the remote equipment, and tape this special After The Show episode just for the podcast listeners; the Crew might have some extra Champagne today, are lucky to be joined by one of our favorite peeps from the control room, “Big Black Kiel” (aka Kiel Hutchinson) who just so happens to have a new album dropping full of ambient loveliness that you need to check out (and can get for FREE from the LN Website!); the great conversation goes from sexual harassment to Pete Townsend and “Star Fuckers” to anthropology and tectonic plates; the group is also starving and waits for a pizza that never seems to come; they welcomes back the lovely ladies of Artful Undress, Polina and Kira, and Hollywood photographer and all around good guy, Jeff Fasano, to round out this creative circle; you have to hear the story of how Terrence Howard gave him his start; it will restore your faith in the arts and brotherhood; links to the music and pictures, plus how to get discount tix for upcoming Listener Party with the gorgeous girls of Sultry Sweet Burlesque, are all at the website – enjoy!

Great Guy (And Fantastic Photographer) Jeff Fasano

Great Guy (And Fantastic Photographer) Jeff Fasano


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"Big Black Kiel" Kicks Ass On This Special Episode!

“Big Black Kiel” Kicks Ass On This Special Episode!


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