LN #346 – Wonder Land

ArtOfCharm-BondesqueBack in the studio for another live show from TradioV and we’ve got both of the lovely ladies with us today, along with special guest Jordan Harbinger, the co-creator of Art of Charm, which is like charisma school for men; it’s a fun, funny and surprisingly deep exploration of the complex relationships between men and women (and how to have one!)…the Crew also prank a topless maid service, get a couple of crazy calls from some Super Fans that attended Howard Stern’s birthday bash in New York and have another crazy conversation with celebrity fan, “Christopher Walken;” there’s also George Zimmerman boxing rapper DMX, Langdon’s theory on why the Denver Broncos lost the Super Bowl, and the sweetest G-Spot we’ve ever done; if this one doesn’t warm your heart, you’re in trouble…links, behind the scenes pics and more info on how to get discount tix to the upcoming listener party with Sultry Sweet Burlesque are all at the website – enjoy!

Our Favorite Celebrity Fan, Christopher Walken, Calls In Today

Our Favorite Celebrity Fan, Christopher Walken, Calls In Today


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