LN #351 – After The After Party

Web_think_drink_logo “Let’s do it; what could possibly happen?”…that’s the very magical (and sometimes dangerous) phrase that leads to this very impromptu show just for the podcast listeners; we were having so much fun at the after party, that we just couldn’t stop; there’s loads of laughs and some really great conversation in this one, including lies, lying and white lies, sci-fi close encounters and celebrity poker; adorable actress Kristine DeBell, best known for being opposite Bill Murray in Meatballs (and a naughty little diddy, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) joins us, along with the star of the new show on TradioV “Civil Wars,” Miss Lora; and, just when we thought it was safe to podcast, control room operators and other shows’ hosts invade and the party gets even wilder; we go from Patrick Stewart being accidentally outed (and he’s not even gay) to everyone’s favorite curse words, and from a mini-melt down by Langdon to a really deep discussion of self-esteem, persona and personhood; it’s a wildly fun, and beautifully empowering episode that you can’t miss.

This Is What Happens When The Cameras Turn Off...

This Is What Happens When The Cameras Turn Off…


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