LN #369 – Blame It On The Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears

There’s only one way to celebrate freedom in this country, and that’s with a party and a podcast at Champagne Studios!…Langdon is back, and so is the Crew and they are extra rowdy tonight; everyone is so happy to be together, and we think you’re gonna like this long-awaited reunion show; “F*ck You, England,” is another way to say Happy Fourth of July, and another way Langdon gets to harass Michael Rutt, with a hilarious spoof song; the conversation starts there, and goes wild tonight, including a very deep (and unexpected) debate about religion; you know how people get when they’re drinking – allegedly; the Crew and Langdon will all be back in the studio at TradioV on July 26th, with a brand new theme song and video opening; enjoy!


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