LN #379 – Warrior Princess

"Too Close For Comfort's" Jackie (the lovely Debra Van Valkenberg) Is Here!

“Too Close For Comfort’s” Jackie (the lovely Debra Van Valkenberg) Is Here!

Amazing actor Deborah Van Valkenberg flies in to save Langdon and the Crew from the onslaught of the solar storms, bringing her natural beauty and great wit and charm; the star of the iconic Walter Hill film The Warriors and the hit sitcom Too Close For Comfort is also a painter, with a new work at Creature Features’ tribute to Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump; they have great fun together, and she reveals what’s it really like to do your own stunts (i.e. almost dying on set!); the gang is joined by West Hollywood Poet Laureate Steven Reigns who, along with LGBTQ senior citizens, is the star of a new documentary by filmmaker Dean Littner; Army Veteran, author, and adorable Joe Levy joins the conversation, which is deep, powerful (and yes, naughty, too!) and will have you taking a new look at older adults and what they still have to offer all of us; Hello Kitty, Doomsday scenarios and sex clubs – plus a wonderful G-Spot – are all part of the fun today; links, behind the scenes pics and more are all at the website; enjoy, Nation!

Debra In The Iconic Film, "Warriors"

Debra In The Iconic Film, “Warriors”


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Deborah Laughing

Steven Reigns, Joe Levy And Dean Littner From "My Life Is Poetry"

Steven Reigns, Joe Levy And Dean Littner From “My Life Is Poetry”

Naomi's Back!

Naomi’s Back!



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