LN #382 – Birthing, Bending And…Murder!

TheGroup The men of the Nation take control of the studio today and decide to tackle some of the biggest issues of the day, like poor apple’s BendGate, the new Foo Fighters’ music-doc on HBO and from Gotham and Gracepoint, from to Black-ish and Transparent, we take a look (and sometimes a jab) at some of the new shows coming this Fall; pulling the plug on cable, piracy and more are part of the conversation; there’s also crazy gossip about John Travolta’s (allegedly) giving massages, Tom of MySpace and Langdon’s crazy crushes on Intern Nerris’s mother and, surprisingly, Mindy Kaling; we also say goodbye to Stern Wackpacker’s Eric the Actor, who died this week, and investigate the apparent murder of Punxsutawney Phil, the beloved groundhog who predicts the weather, by New York City mayor Bill de Blasio; you’ve heard of Grindr and Tindr, but have you heard of Cuddlr?…it creeps the crew out, and leads them to film a hilarious parody that you can see on the website; you have, have, have to see this one, Nation! (p.s. – you may have noticed, the shows are majorly out of order for the end of summer and beginning of Fall…technical difficulties doesn’t even begin to explain it; but we’ll have you, ahem, straight in no time.)


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Tony Is So In Love With His Girl, Dianne

Tony Is So In Love With His Girl, Dianne

We're Pretty Sure Langdon Is In Love With Mindy Kaling

We’re Pretty Sure Langdon Is In Love With Mindy Kaling





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