LN #398 – Angels And Demons

The Voice Of An Angel - Gabriel Angel

The Voice Of An Angel – Gabriel Angel

Special musical guest Gabriel Angel flys into the station for the second edition of After Dark from KCAA AM 1050 to premiere his new single, “Falling Star” and help Carla, Langdon and the Crew handle some serious conversation; from stripping detectives and Jaimie Lee Curtis’ alleged hermaphroditism, they tackle everything, including handling the death of a loved one; Carla translated her grief into a hilarious one- woman comedy show, “50 Shades of Grief” and Gabriel created one of the most beautiful dance songs ever; see if Langdon can get him to sing live and find out who’s the first crew member to cuss in the episode – you won’t believe it until you hear it; Kathy Griffin’s mom, The Kids In the Hall’s Scott Thompson, Pink’s hotdogs, plus Viewer Mail and a great opportunity to help the Special Olympics; pics, links to the Polar Plunge and Gabriel’s music, and more are all at the website; enjoy, Nation!


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