LN #407 – Take Me To Church

Actor Steven Fales In "Confessions Of A Mormon Boy"

Actor Steven Fales In “Confessions Of A Mormon Boy”

Not since The Exorcist has The Church (every church!) been so worried about a show; we have Mormon Steven Fales who tells his dramatic (and hilarious) tale of getting in trouble in – and out of – the Church of Latter Day Saints with sex, drugs, and boys; his amazing play has come from off-Broadway to LA and we have all the madness and mayhem for you here; to help us process the apocalyptic events is the LGBT community’s favorite comic, firecracker Shawn Pelofsky; she’s gonna crack you up and make you in fall in love with her, no matter what your sexual orientation; from excommunication to personal hygiene (extremely personal hygiene) to the pursuit of perfection and pimping in Portugal, this is a bumpy (and hysterical) ride; links, pics and more are all the website, so come visit; click the arrow to listen or “Download” to save for later; enjoy, Nation!


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Everyone's  Favorite Comic, Shawn Pelofsky

Everyone’s Favorite Comic, Shawn Pelofsky

Shawn, Steven And Langdon After The Show

Shawn, Steven And Langdon After The Show


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