LN #422 – What Labor Laws?

So, that happened...

So, that happened…

Langdon takes listeners behind the scenes, welcoming aboard Intern Stefan and Production Assistant Germar (formerly Random Black Dude); what devious things does Langdon make the Crew do, and how many are illegal?…lots of laughs as the jokes fly; from openly discussing possible FCC violations to sexually harassing Stefan’s girlfriend, this show is really a wild ride; plus, details on Langdon’s new show “Nurses and Hypochondriacs” that’s a big part of this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival; info, pics and links for tix are all at the website; click the arrow below to listen or “Download” to save for later; enjoy, Nation.



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Michael, Germar, Langdon, Stefan and Tony After The Show

Michael, Germar, Langdon, Stefan and Tony After The Show

Dear Daisy,Stefan's Adorable Girlfriend (That Langdon Harasses)

Dear Daisy,Stefan’s Adorable Girlfriend (That Langdon Harasses)

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