LN #434 – Sex, Sharks And Ukeleles

It's Gettin' Hot In Here, With Ash Armand From Showtime's Gigolos

It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here, With Ash Armand From Showtime’s Gigolos

How’s your summer body coming along?..we can help you get it, along with some sexual healing, with our first guest Ash Armand, from Showtime’s sensual hit, Gigolos;  he talks about staying fit, what makes great sex (and great relationships) and behind the scenes badness from the show, which is starting it’s sixth season; together with Ramin Abrams on the upright bass, Brandon Bridges on drums Merissa Fernandez and on vocals, they join the party for some laughs and perform live; there’s also a plague of locusts (literally), reactions to the surprise ending of Sharknado 3 and the most hilarious “advice” on how to handle the recent spike in shark attacks; all this, plus hackable cars, cheaters and black people swimming (yes, we went there); watch the full episode or get the mp3, links, behind the scenes pics and more at the website; plus catch (and share) the video snippets on our YouTube Channel, all at LangdonNation.com; enjoy, Nation!


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Ash Armand

Ash Armand



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