Langdon Nation is not your mother’s talk show; it’s a high-energy comedy that broadcasts live every Friday night on KCAA AM 1050 and every Saturday afternoon on TradioV, a cutting-edge internet television and radio station right in the heart of Hollywood.  Langdon Nation is edgy, intelligent and sometimes naughty, earning the show its tagline – “Saving The World, One Dirty Joke At A Time” – and its host, Langdon Bosarge, the comparison to radio legend Howard Stern.  Langdon is not not afraid to tackle serious topics, though, and does so with insight and heart, aided by his long career as a psychiatric professional.  Together, with a roundtable of comics and friends, Langdon  brings intriguing interviews, irreverent conversations and out-of-the-box cool segments like “Booze & News,” “Melrose on Hollywood” featuring The Howard Stern Show’s Melrose Larry Green, and “The G-Spot,” a well-needed dose of good news for today’s crowded air waves.  Celebrities are always popping in and Langdon creates a fantastic atmosphere for intimate revelations to occur.  Recent appearances include The Nanny’s Charles Shaugnessy, Glee’s Lauren Potter, Caprica’s Esai Morales and music phenoms like En Vogue, Kelly Rowland, and Lukas Nelson – the son of maverick Willie Nelson.

All live episodes are also available in the archives here, plus iTunes and Stitcher (as well as TradioV and KCAA).

Langdon Nation Live, From TradioV

Co-Hosts Scout Durwood and Naomi Robin

Co-Hosts Scout Durwood and Naomi Robin


What Is The New Intern, Nerris, Reacting To?!?

Co-Hosts Michael and Tony Cut Up w Intern Nerris





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