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Langdon Bosarge, Host














Langdon is the ring-leader of the show that’s been rocking for over 5 years.  He’s a stand-up comedian and a professional psychiatric nurse and educator, giving him a unique perspective into listeners’ minds and problems – and one helluva twisted sense of humor.  When he’s not lecturing about health and wellness or teaching Lamaze (seriously, he’s delivered thousands of babies), he can be heard as a frequent guest on LA Talk Radio and other popular podcasts, including The Pretty Good Podcast and The Single Life with Sam Philips.  As an actor, his mug has appeared on and off Broadway and on television shows such as Sex And The City, Law & Order and Saturday Night Live


The Crew:

Carla Collins

So Bad She's Good - Carla Collins!

Hailed the “Queen of Comedy” and “Canada’s Tina Fey” by the Canadian press, Carla Collins is a comedian, actress, television host and author, and was just named Comic Of The Year by The Southern California Film Council.  She was just called “The funniest woman in comedy” by BeautyStyleWatch magazine in Los Angeles and headlines clubs, theatres and festivals all over North America.  Her inner (and outer) beauty have graced many television movies of the week and her very own reality series,
Carlawood.  Her wit and charm can be heard on Sirius XM Channel 168, ConnectMeRadio and more.  The Huffington Post proudly proclaims Collins a “master” and she does nothing less than amaze as co-host on Langdon Nation.


Michael Rutt

Mike Rutts Shot w light

Michael is a professional photographer, retoucher, and certified digital technician who shoots for popular catalogues, commercial clients and magazines.  His dry British humor and intelligent, quick wit bring a nice balance to Langdon’s high energy.  He has also saved Langdon’s life many many, many times with his technical and internet powers….and the occasional healing pint of Guinness.

Crysta Garner

The Lovely Crysta Garner

The Lovely Crysta Garner

Crysta Garner started her long talk show career at one of the country’s most legendary stations, Los Angeles’ 97.1 FM Talk.  Behind the scenes and on air, she was the feisty, no nonsense Producer for many highly rated show like Frosty, Heidi and Frank, John and Jeff, Tim Conway Jr., Danny Bonaduce and more.  Currently, Crysta is an Executive Producer for the Nationally Syndicated Political Talk Show , “The Norman Goldman Show” and golden she is on the microphone.  On air, Crysta is known for her slightly off-kilter perspectives and over the top stories.

Tony Santiago

 tony headshotTony Santiago is a sound engineer and video & film editor, who has worked for Donald Trump Productions and DIYTV.  He runs the sound board for the show and keeps us all happy with his own brand of New Jersey wisecracks, testosterone and his vast library of everyone’s favorite music.


Scout Durwood

Scout-BlueScout Durwood is a chanteuse and comedienne who was recently named one of The Huffington Post’s “20 Burlesque Stars to Know,” as well as “10 Women Who Rock Comedy” and Stand Up Talk’s “Five Awesome Women’s Musical Comedy Acts.” She is a regualar cast member of Oxygen’s “Funny Girls,” as well as the author of three solo shows, including the one woman musical, “Hi, How Can I Help You?,” which debuted at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She is a Moth Story Slam Champion whose work has been featured on MTV, The Howard Stern Show and The Mindy Project.


Naomi Robin

Naomi Robin Promo

L.A. native Naomi Robin is a singer, songwriter and musician – and a lovely lady who will tug at your heart strings, as she plucks the strings on her guitar.  She’s performed her unique and positive brand of indie rock all over the country, and the world – her latest trip being to Israel.  Mazel Tov to the girl with the big smile and big dreams!



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