The TV Show – Langdon Nation Live

tradiovpromo TV2For over five years Langdon Nation has been on the radio and in February 2014 it started broadcasting live at TradioV – an amazing new media television and radio station in the heart of Hollywood, California.  With a sweet syndication deal from UStreamTV, all of our hard-hitting shows now reach an average viewership of 500,000 amazing fans.  Andy Dick, Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro, Billy Morrison, and Eric Roberts are among a few of the other great hosts with shows at TradioV every week.  Langdon Nation Live broadcasts every Saturday, from 1-3pm PST.  And, viewers can join in on the fun by calling us at 855-878-4652, or using Skype at TradioVLA.

Video Archives will soon live here; but you can WATCH all of our past shows by clicking this link!

All audio from the live television show goes up at,  iTunes and Stitcher as an easily downloadable podcast you can take with you anywhere.  Plus, Langdon and the Crew often get together at the now (in)famous Champagne Studios to tape special shows which are not broadcast, also available as above.

Group Studio Shot Yay


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