The Ladies of Langdon Nation on The Sheena Metal Experience Tonight!

Sheena Metal LONG promo

Two of the four amazing women of Langdon Nation are joining Langdon tonight for a great time on one of LA’s best talk shows, The Sheena Metal Experience on LATalkRadio.  Sheena’s been around the block and she knows music and the entertainment industry like no other.  A radio veteran from back in the day at the historic 97.1 (before it flipped to dance), she can rock it – and we can’t wait!  Tonight at 5pm PST on!

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LN #163 – Two Live Crew!


Langdon with Destiny, Dusty, Dan, Robert and Alfie

The crazy crew of The Oddcast is back, and they brought their femme fatale this time (along with a lot of liquor and dirty jokes!); this cross-over of full of sexual healing and comedy goodness and you can’t miss it as The Two Crews talk about grape flavored weed, being half black and all hot, and confess to their secret sexual fetishes; somehow Sarah Palin manages to make a surprise call (and hit on Dusty Angel), and cartoon characters come into the conversation (which do you want to have sex with?); there’s major flirting between two of the crew members and big love for peeps like Adam Carolla, Tim Conway Jr. and Gina and Randy from The Pretty Good Podcast; find out why Alfie says, “Creepy is the new quirky,” plus, be the first to hear the new (and naughty!) song by the Raging Peanuts, “Have Some Sex!”


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