LN #267 – I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way

Traci Lords, Porn Star Karaoke and big-breasted talk show hosts – all this and scantily clad super heroes in our second show live from Bent Con 2012; Wonder Woman, Batman and Spiderman watch the show being taped, and watch as Langdon gets sexually assaulted by Thor; plenty of laughs and also some deep conversation ensue; podcasting and friendship come up, too, as the cast and crew of Skidrow Studios’ Awkward Conversations joins the show; they’re a wild bunch, and prove that LA’s newest podcast packs a funny punch; Langdon also proves he’s technologically challenged (again) and gets a surprise medical exam live on the show; our buddy, actor and writer Matt Crabtree, takes over co-hosting for Cory and brings on the the creator of Jayson Comics, Jeff Krell, along with the voice over actors and artist from the upcoming animated version of this historic comic; Jody Wheeler and Sean Maker are back, as well, to talk about the success of the convention – and to harass Langdon in the most hilarious way; more info and great behind the scenes photos are at the website!

Thor (aka Raven) and Joe, Langdon’s Good Friend From Work (and a very special hammer…)


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Jody Wheeler and Sean Maker with Some Very Special Volunteers

The Crew of Skidrow Studios’ “Awkward Conversations”