LN #271 – Private Sessions 12

The holidays are upon us, literally, and Langdon wanted to have a private moment with all of you; he’s got a special bottle of German mulled wine and he’s ready to share the the love – don’t think dirty; he tells stories of getting ready for the holidays and going home, including the horror of the cost of plane tickets this year (and maybe a bit about his spending problem!); how many hours of Christmas carols can you listen to before you feel crazy?…are you in the spirit, or are you feeling Scroogey?…all this is on the menu, plus some surprise day-time calls from other podcast hosts which somehow include childhood confessions and Langdon’s crazy coming out story; plus, there’s a wonderful live chat with Langdon’s amazing 84 year-old, country-bumpkin father, Pop; it’s hilarious and also sweet, as Langdon gets more mushy gushy than normal…it’s going to be a very glitterific Christmas, so come to LangdonNation.com to get your presents (some naughty Christmas men & women to stuff your stocking)!


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