LN #208 – Love You Long Time


Come On, Get Happy!

It’s March Madness and the Crew tapes in the middle of a giant laugh-attack; Nic is back and looking extra gorgeous, proving she’s a woman and can fry everyone up in a pan; great TV (like the return of Mad Men and The Killing) and bad behavior while watching TV, movies and theater are on the table, with an embarrassing true story from Langdon’s theater days in New York City; Michael debates the truth of spin and the manipulation of facts, leading the Crew to wax poetic on the pleasures of smoking and the alleged dangers of second-hand smoke and saccharin, culminating in comments that will surely guarantee the show either getting sued or receiving bags of critical letters from listeners of every political stripe; there’s also black Santa Claus and black Baby Jesus, cursing in foreign languages, and a phone call from British theatre icon,”Maggie Smith;” all this, plus a new episode of “Booze And News” complete with the oddest locale for a robbery, ovaries versus sperm and public masturbation!


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