LN #418 – Women Kick A**

Live With Phenom Kristanna Loken, of Terminator 3, Painkiller Jane & More

Live With Phenom Kristanna Loken, of Terminator 3, Painkiller Jane & More


This is a special edition recorded live on the red carpet from the first annual Artemis Women In Action Film Festival, with some amazing stars and stunt women from films like Terminator 3 and Kill Bill, and shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Burn Notice; radio veteran Sheena Metal joins Langdon to take an intimate peek at the power of women in the creative arts; they get to talk (and flirt!) with stunt women like Angela Meryl from Pirates of The Carribean and Tammie Baird of Iron Man; they also welcome the amazing Kristanna Loken from Terminator 3, Painkiller Jane, The L Word, Burn Notice and more for some great conversation; later, Langdon nearly explodes as he gets to meet one of his heroes of television, Dot Marie Jones of Glee fame; she’s in a brand new (and hilarious) comedy, Combat Nuns that’s going to rock; she plays Sister Brickball, a heat-packing nun, and she floors Langdon with charm, wit and humor; pics, links and more are all at the website; click the arrow to listen or “Download” to save for later; enjoy, Nation!


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Learn Stunts From Angela Meryl

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Angela Meryl, Langdon Bosarge, Sheena Metal and Tammie Baird Chatting Live

Angela Meryl, Langdon Bosarge, Sheena Metal and Tammie Baird Chatting Live

Sheena Metal With Glee's Dot Marie Jones

Sheena Metal With Glee!’s Dot Marie Jones


The Ladies of Langdon Nation on The Sheena Metal Experience Tonight!

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Two of the four amazing women of Langdon Nation are joining Langdon tonight for a great time on one of LA’s best talk shows, The Sheena Metal Experience on LATalkRadio.  Sheena’s been around the block and she knows music and the entertainment industry like no other.  A radio veteran from back in the day at the historic 97.1 (before it flipped to dance), she can rock it – and we can’t wait!  Tonight at 5pm PST on LAtalkRAdio.com!

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Langdon Nation Takes To The Airwaves – Literally

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Langdon Nation “After Dark” is back, and on terrestrial radio right here is Southern California.  We began our new show last Friday night and, judging from the initial feedback, we made some new friends.  Fridays at midnight (PST) Langdon, Mike, Tony and the new harem of lovely ladies are on KCAA AM 1050.  The show will re-broadcast every Saturday at midnight and, for those listeners not in SoCal, can be heard live around the world at kcaaRadio.com.  Plus, every episode will always go into the feed at iTunes, Stitcher, the website and, very soon, SoundCloud.  BIG thanks to KCAA and to all the listeners who’ve been with us for five fun years.  Buckle up, because it’s going to be a wild ride!


The Beauty Brigade!


Langdon and the Crew are so excited to welcome aboard three new intelligent, sassy – and gorgeous – girls!  And you probably already know and love them from being guests on the show and stars in their own right.  They bring a lot of wit and charm and the new shows (coming Monday!) will blow you away.  As always enjoy, Nation!

(More pics, and full bios of these phenoms are coming to the Crew page soon.  And, of course, you’ll get to know – and love – them when you hear them playing on air with us at TradioV and our new terrestrial radio show, Langdon Nation After Dark, airing on KCAA AM1050 from California’s Inland Empire; the fun begins Friday, January 16th at Midnight!)