LN #171 – Private Sessions


Sarah Palin, Hank Williams Jr. and Paris Hilton are all on Langdon’s mind this week, and he shares his private thoughts about them (and so much  more!) in this extraordinary episode where Langdon rides SOLO; that’s right, no sound engineer, no Crew – Langdon is on his own in Champagne Studios; can he manage the sound board, the computer, and his own crazy brain?…It’s a grand experiment, where Langdon faces one of his biggest fears, annoying celebrities and bad grammar; find out what makes him crazy, why he says, “Politics Is Sexy (Dammit!)” and how he really feels about the Crew; all that, plus a surprise wedding proposal (yes, we said wedding!) and more info on the next live events where you can party with Langdon and the entire Crew of Langdon Nation!


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