LN #274 – Breaking The Rules

Langdon's Motto for The New Year

Langdon’s Motto for The New Year

The Crew is back together for their first show of the New Year and they are wild, literally breaking all of their own rules; maybe it’s because Katie, Langdon’s Office Wife, returns with love and cleavage for all; she flirts and tells how she spent her New Year’s Eve with Cory in a story that might just leave him single; Cory also might be in trouble with the Illuminati, too, because he spills evidence of multiple conspiracies (one funny, the other actually involving inside details about the death of Michael Jackson); Langdon shares more family drama from the holidays and ends up having a big “fight” with Busta Rutt live on the air; there’s also drunk texting, deportation and sharp shooting; plus, a guest appearance by “Tom Leykis,” “live sex acts” and new ways to get behind the scenes photos and special pics!

Busta Rutt, Katie The Office Wife and Ginga Ninja

Busta Rutt, Katie The Office Wife and Ginga Ninja


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