LN #156 – The Not So Quiet Storm


LA’s popular radio deejay, KJLH’s Don Amiche, joins Langdon and the Crew and he charms their pants off (almost literally!); he’ll charm you, too, as he talks about working with Stevie Wonder (who owns the station) and his on-air partner, Tami Mac, fathering, and what he’s gonna do to the next lucky lady; he is so amazing, he actually ends up giving love advice to Langdon; it’s an absolute party as the gang tackles Nic’s vagina, Ginger Persecution, and why women should give blow jobs – and love it; you might be surprised by Langdon’s opinion here, and by the shocking surprise “phone call” from Mountain Man himself; all this, plus Anderson Cooper cracking up on camera, spoilers of some of the other celebs coming to Champagne Studios and the new Twitter contest where you could win an autographed copy of the Raging Peanuts’ new CD!


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