LN #302 – High Desert Hijinks

Melissa and Me Desert

The people have spoken and Langdon has listened – right after broadcasting live at TradioV the Crew drives into the High Desert to do a special show at Intern Dan and Sarah’s 10th Wedding Anniversary party; there’s good food, great gobs of cake and tons of alcohol to help lubricate everyone’s funny bones; there’s a “Friendervention” between Adam and Frank, hosts of ShadowBoxer Radio; a pep talk to the cutest kid ever (yes, it was a family party – although, Langdon may have cussed a bit!); and, great witnessing of young love, when we talk with listeners A.J. and Michelle who are 20 and 19 and just got married; everyone makes fun of Michael (of course), chastises Langdon for his potty mouth and ; Master Classes with James Franco; we try to answer the important questions in this episode, too, like, “Does Langdon really say ‘amazing’ a lot?” and does Melissa M really drink a lot (LOL); we go to our amazing listeners for answers, and even get a little help from former Governor Jessie Ventura!


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