LN #402 – Candy Crush

Discover ID's Brian Wolfe With Crysta And Carla

Discover ID’s Brian Wolfe With Crysta And Carla

This Valentine’s Day episode is super sweet and super fun, with a special guest who’s a real-life private detective and star of Discovery ID’s hit show Cry Wolfe – Brian Wolfe is in the studio!…He brings big Boston, big laughs and big news about the show – plus, inside details about some of the crazy cases he’s had, including some swingers and dirty cops; we’ve got two of the LN beauties tonight, too, as both Carla and Crysta join the fun; and it gets wild when Carla “throws her voice,” Crysta bashes Canada and Langdon proposes defrauding insurance companies to make money; there’s also Twitter Porn, what to do if you’re being followed and some 50 Shades of Grey goodness; plus, theĀ  Comcast customer name-calling scandal, a fantastic G-Spot and the most bleeps ever!…click the arrow below to listen or “download” to save for later; enjoy, Nation!


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Cry Wolfe!

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Oddly Enough, Maxwell The Pig Squeaks Into Tonight's Episode

Oddly Enough, Maxwell The Pig Squeaks Into Tonight’s Episode

In The Studio With Crysta, Langdon And Carla

In The Studio With Crysta, Langdon And Carla

Breaking News About "Cry Wolfe" On Discovery ID

Breaking News About “Cry Wolfe” On Discovery ID


LN #244 – Bubble Gum Bitches!


LeeAnn Tooker with Langdon and Julie Lofrano

The amazing comic Julie Lofrano returns to Champagne Studios along with her boosom buddy, the very funny LeeAnn Tooker; it’s the inaugural episode of our Comedy Roundtable, where fabulous comics join us to talk about and poke fun of just about everything (and everyone, including Langdon); we couldn’t think of two funnier (or finer – Grrrrrrowl!) than Julie and LeeAnn; join us for bouncing boobies, aversion therapy and new music by Mariana and the Diamonds (hence, the title of this wonderfully wacky show); Langdon mourns the passing of his favorite show, The Closer, and the gang tries to talk about new fall TV; but, somehow, they get lost in the pile of trash TV like Hoarders and Storage Wars and the mayhem ends up with the funny people chasing a lot of schizophrenic rabbits, from sports to Doctor Who, from athletic cups to the final days before the Mayan Calendar runs out, and Michael Rutt’s future self coming back to the past to share a dire warning with his current self – God help us!


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