Langdon Nation Takes To The Airwaves – Literally

KCAA - Purple Promo

Langdon Nation “After Dark” is back, and on terrestrial radio right here is Southern California.  We began our new show last Friday night and, judging from the initial feedback, we made some new friends.  Fridays at midnight (PST) Langdon, Mike, Tony and the new harem of lovely ladies are on KCAA AM 1050.  The show will re-broadcast every Saturday at midnight and, for those listeners not in SoCal, can be heard live around the world at  Plus, every episode will always go into the feed at iTunes, Stitcher, the website and, very soon, SoundCloud.  BIG thanks to KCAA and to all the listeners who’ve been with us for five fun years.  Buckle up, because it’s going to be a wild ride!