LN #337 – Private Sessions 15

The Incredible Pop and Me on New Year's Eve!

The Incredible Pop and Me on New Year’s Eve!

Buckle your seat belts for a a very special Mega-Cast, exclusive for Langdon Nation listeners; it’s the first show of the year, and it’s a Private Sessions with Langdon and stories of his crazy Florida family; this wild one will keep everyone warm during the icy Polar Vortex; before Dennis Rodman went off the deep end on live TV in Korea, Langdon actually met him in the Palm Beach Airport – find out what happened (and didn’t happen); Saturday Night Live casts the first black woman in 6 years, a family is reunited with a lost son, and Zombies join in the fun; Langdon goes shooting, drinks (a lot) and catches his 15 year old nephew making out on New Year’s Eve; these stories, plus a special taping of Pop in the morning back home that will crack you up, and lots of new music on this episode; enjoy, and Happy New Year from Langdon and the entire Crew!

Happy New Year!  Langdon and the Crew love you!

Happy New Year! Langdon and the Crew love you!


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Langdon's New Year's Cookies

Langdon’s New Year’s Cookies


NBA Bad Boy Dennis Rodman

NBA Bad Boy Dennis Rodman


LN #93 – Black Sheep Demi-God

A VERY happy New Year!

It’s a bizarre title, and it’s a bizarre day (possibly b/c everyone is still hung from New Year’s Eve?) but it all sparks a rockin’ show; Pop makes another charming and funny appearance (Langdon taped him on Christmas!) and Michael Rutt and JonMichael join Langdon, The Peanuts and board op, Tony to re-cap their holidaze; also on the menu are cats with urinary tract infections, Salvia induced hallucinations, a very special sheep and the new songs, “Lick My Beer Bottle” and “We Don’t Need No Lube!”  Happy New Year, Nation!


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