LN #276 – Mighty Morhphin Power Changers

power rangersBig changes in the world and big, breaking news for the show pack this hilarious (and dramatic) can’t-miss episode; you’ll hear the amazing good news about the show that has Langdon and The Crew hootin’ and hollerin’; they’re so happy, they almost get gay, somehow playing the “Which Character on ‘Sex And The City’ Are You Game;” there’s women in combat, a Sarah Palin update, and a beloved cartoon character falls from grace; conspiracies creep in to the conversation, proving it’s time for another Big Conspiracy Show; Booze & News and Floriduh are back and remember there are exclusive pics on the website and behind the scenes photos are there and now on Facebook, too!

Breaking News Comic 

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The Crew, aka "Weekend Warriors," Mike, Tony and Cory

The Crew, aka “Weekend Warriors,” Mike, Tony and Cory